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Web content for our programs is still being developed. Updates will be added as they are made available. Contact us if you have questions about any of these programs.

Native Works

The MentorWorks program has been developed to serve the needs of men and women as they are released from county or state correctional facilities and are now transitioning back into society.

The major areas of the program are as follows:


MentorOur mentors are seasoned and mature, have had successful families and professional careers. They are either retired or close to retirement and are willing to commit to mentoring an ex-offender, providing support, expertise, and encouragement ,as the ex-offender makes the transition back into society. The mentor will provide counsel and access to resources that are critical for successful re-entry. Mentors are trained and given the skills necessary to be effective mentors and the knowledge to protect themselves.


Transitional Housing:

Our objective is to provide a safe, nurturing, clean, and drug -free environment for ex-offenders that will assist them as they transition. This is not intended to be long-term housing, but used during the critical transition period as the ex-offender seeks employment, gets reacquainted with family and the support that is necessary for successful reentry.

Following is specific information about the transitional housing offered :

Utah MentorWorks (UMW) Transitional Housing provides safe, alcohol and drug free, residential group homes for recently released jail or prison inmates or residential treatment facilities (males only at this time*).  Our vision is to positively affect individuals in early stages of recovery who need a positive living environment and support for achieving long term sobriety through social, group, and mentoring activities.

Our homes are not treatment facilities, but transitional environments that help bridge the gap between jail/prison, residential treatment, and routine living. UMW combines affordable housing with services that move individuals toward stable, productive lives.

Our mentoring program includes:

  • Employment services
  • Education guidance
  • Substance abuse treatment options and weekly in-house AA meetings
  • Volunteer projects
  • Fatherhood courses
  • Public transportation**

Tenant participation and commitment is required in our professionally trained mentoring services.

Our staff are trained to interface with criminal justice personnel, including Adult Probation and Parole and Criminal Justice Services. Our transitional housing facilities provide a caring, supportive environment that welcomes people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Monthly Transitional Housing Rates (utilities included) - $400
  • Monthly Program Fees - $160
  • Initial (one-time) Commitment Fee (non-refundable) - $100
  • Weekly rates ($140) are available, upon request

Contact Information:
Amy McMullin
(801) 923-3351

Employment Services:

We will assist the ex-offenders by utilizing various local resources to aid in finding temporary employment, and then build a plan to successfully find long -term placement in a position where our clients can feel valued and provide a positive contribution to society. Our services will include career-planning, including resume preparation and interview skills, job development, and skills on how to be successful in the workplace.

Contact Information:
Cliff Harman
(801) 808-4431

Education & Tutoring:

Utah MentorWorks will offer many educational services including literacy training, GED certification, and insight into pursuing degree programs and vocational training as needed and desired by our clientele.

Mental Health / Addiction Recovery:

Mental health support is a critical issue that must be addressed for successful reentry into society. Many ex-offenders struggle with substance abuse, relationship problems, moral development issues, and a host of other mental health problems. UMW will compliment available state , county, and community based mental health services by undersatnding ten resources available and then assisting ex-offenders to find an appropriate program and facilitating their participation in 12 step addiction recovery programs, AEGIS , or programs specifically geared towards ethics, spiritual foundations, anger management, family support, or fatherhood.

For more information and participation in the Utah MentorWorks programs,
contact our staff at: (801) 923-3351or email at


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